Whilst Jobs Vanish – High Streets Close – Big Business
Shuts Down:- Like It Or Not – The Choice Is No Longer Yours -
The SECRET iECONOMY Is Changing Your World!
And It’s Changing The Way The World Is Working… FAST!
You Can Either Sink With the Old Economy Or Discover – Think – Act - Like Those Already Thriving In This Very Very SECRET iECONOMY
Now Is Your Opportunity To Join Them – Thrive & Prosper In
THE SECRET iECONOMY: Isn’t like a job yet can pay more than any job ever could – Some earn hundreds of thousands per year in the SECRET iECONOMY
THE SECRET iECONOMY: You don’t need offices and managers to harass and control you – It will work anywhere – anytime. You’ll never get fired again!
THE SECRET iECONOMY: No longer requires the daily pressures created by a dying and troubled economy – you control you – you decide what’s next.
THE SECRET iECONOMY: Creates and has created more millionaires in the past few years than were made in the past 100 years
THE SECRET iECONOMY: IS easy to copy, IS proven to
work, IS brilliantly fast, IS for you?
AND YOU CAN kick-start a new life inside the SECRET iECONOMY with NO experience – NO training and NO huge investments, loans or mortgages to get you started. Others are doing it right now and have been doing it silently, secretly for years – you can too!

The SECRET iECONOMY is very real and is almost still a secret but for how long I don’t know, but what I do know is there has NEVER been a greater time for you to make a change. The SECRET iECONOMY holds the most powerful of secrets!

Please do one thing for yourself right now - If you NEED change, ideas, & inspiration in your life right now, this is a power-packed and life-enhancing message you really cannot afford to miss! Read Right Now!
NOTE: This message will take you around 4 minutes and 37
seconds to read from start to end.
From The Desk Of: iECONOMIST Peter Morton, Plus Options Ltd
Kemp House, 152 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX
Registered No. 8118600, England
Dear Wealth Seeker,


If you’re anything like me you’ll feel like the world is going mad and plays with people's minds – your mind! Not only is our own country in financial confusion but also the Eurozone, USA and the rest of them as a whole have the feeling of imminent collapse. Do you agree? Just look at this lot …


VANISHING JOBS: Jobs are literally vanishing before our eyes. Could your job be next? According to numbers, figures and facts on websites like the BBC, Forbes and many other news channels what we have seen and are seeing is the tip of the job-loss iceberg.

Even the once-secure job of being an accountant is becoming threatened due to advanced software systems. You don’t even have to use an accountant most of the time for the Customs and Revenue anymore as it’s all done by software. Another once secure industry that once employed thousands changing forever.

NOTE: It’s not exclusive to the UK - just check the stats online and read some of the shocking numbers from the USA and other countries.

Shops GONE. Trades GONE. Industries GONE. Jobs, going, going – GONE!

Could Your Job – Your Living –
Your Wage Be Next?
VANISHING SAVINGS: Unless you’ve been living in a cave on a mountain for the past couple of years you’ll know, will have read and will have seen the massive banking scandals that leave every ordinary working class person like me and you broke and left with no savings. Banks have closed, banks have been closed, and bank managers have been fired, imprisoned and even killed in some countries.

Banking is a world that is power crazy where it appears that anyone can do almost anything with your cash and get away with it.
You might think the bankers have been reigned in but even in 2015 one of the biggest banks HSBC (and 3 others, source, Guardian UK) have been caught yet again rigging the markets in the Libor scandal, rigging the financial markets and mis-selling complex insurance to business customers and customers generally. On top of the ten billion already paid out it’s looking like many, many millions more is about to be paid out to people like you and me (that have been fooled) that are simply trying to create better lives for ourselves.

Investments GONE. Savings GONE. Your retirement funds, going, going GONE!
Could Your Hard Earned Savings Be Next?
VANISHING RETIREMENTS: Retiring used to be a sure-fire thing. You got a job, worked until you were 65 years old, saved and put money into pensions and other financial funds and then lived comfortably in your long retirement.

As you are probably aware the funds have been snatched, collapsed and misused. This has led to millions of people like you not knowing what to do next or even being able to think about retiring. Many, after the age of 65 years old have either had to try and get another job or do their best to hold on to their current job for as long as possible beyond the age of retirement. A friend of mines father who was a respected architect all of his life – he lost most of his savings in financial scandals.
At the age of 68 he had to get a job and ended up working on the local farm from 6am to 4:30pm daily and is still doing that job at the age of 73. It’s a far cry from his dreams of world travel and what he and his wife believed and were taught to believe would be a successful retirement.
Shall We Say The Unthinkable About YOU?
Being realistic … your job is at risk, your money is at risk, your retirement is at risk and that’s being VERY realistic. And if it is the case (and I know we are taking an educated guess) things will need to change for you fast so you can secure your future, after all who wants to still be working at 75 years of age if they don't want to? (That is a real possibility as I type).

As you know from the news and media (and maybe your own job)…
Companies are still collapsing (the company that employs you could be next)
Town centres are dying and dead (and being demolished – change is fast and certain)
More and more people are struggling to survive on low paid or zero-contract hour jobs
Value of your money is getting less and less by the month (that means more work and less money)
Savings are unpredictable and have now become a high-risk (your savings are becoming less and less)
So That Raises a Question …

What Must You Do To Survive
Thrive and Prosper Despite The
Gloom and Doom in
the Old Crumbling Economy?
Have You Heard Of The
Maybe You Haven’t Either!
There’s nothing too secretive about it, in fact it’s pretty well known in certain circles but what is strange is that out of most of the people that hear about, or discover the SECRET iECONOMY they either …

Ignore it despite the huge amount of incredible proof to support the iECONOMY

Listen to the secrets, the tips, the actions and the new ways from the mouths of those that are really doing it and then take decisive action for themselves after seeing the huge amount of proof.
This is something that has changed lives time and time again. It has taken those in stressful jobs and given them a way out of the endless stress and trappings of life.

It has taken homeless from the streets, given them houses, given them wealth and transformed their lives at every possible level and could easily work for you if you take action.

It has taken people just like YOU from almost every kind of life situation and given them the tools and information to discover and apply the changes needed to create a better, happier more sound life.

NO more job stress. NO more redundancy threats. NO more high-end pressures to perform. NO more outstanding bills. It has also given those affected by the SECRET iECONOMY the ability to live a life on their terms – YOUR TERMS!

Now you might be thinking – ‘but creating a life on my own terms costs money?’ – and of course you are right but before you dismiss anything please have a look at this.

The SECRET iECONOMY has and GIVES you the ability to generate life-changing amounts of wealth . (I’ll tell you a little more about the SECRET iECONOMY but first look at this.)
You’ll discover how to replace your current wage
You’ll learn how to build a business from scratch
You’ll feel inspired and motivated to actually make new choices and follow the lead of the super-successful in the SECRET iECONOMY
This is a business opportunity you can run from home with NO previous experience
IT WORKS – It’s that simple!
Thousands of people all over the globe have seen the SECRET iECONOMY spoken about, yet there are also those that have done these things.
Listened to the SECRET iECONOMY – and made huge amounts in new incomes
Taken action on the SECRET iECONOMY – and made massive changes in their lives and the lives of others
The SECRET iECONOMY is so powerful it gives you the ability to earn money without all the hassle of driving to work, sitting for hours in offices and getting pushed around by a boss that hates you because he hates his own job.
The SECRET iECONOMY gives you the amazing ability to work from home, work hours you want to work and to create the life you have always dreamt about. Just read the following true story!
PROOF: A True Story About a Russian
Immigrant That Wanted a New Economy for Himself and His Family!

There’s a guy (I will reveal later for you) whose parents are Russian immigrants now living in the USA and are now American citizens. They had the typical approach of immigrant workers, which was to create a new life in a new country and survive until that new life arrives. Although they felt safe in their new country, life for them was hard, hard work.

Their son grew up from the age of two in the USA and watched his parents working harder than any other parents he knew. The older he got the more he realized he wanted a much different life than his parents although he was also very grateful to his parents for everything they were doing for him.

So that’s what he did, he refused to take a regular job for all of his life and became a leader in the new SECRET iECONOMY.

By the age of 26 he went from an average income to earning upwards of £10,000 a month. By the age of just 35 years old had was sold well over £9 million worth of product and as you can imagine that has made him rich.

Recently he shows his mobile office on his own websites and blog as a beach, a hut or a stunning location with his laptop. He moves around the world and partnering up with the likes of Richard Branson to create a better world.  

At the end of this message I will reveal to you how you can really see in detail how he took an average life and became a leader in the SECRET iECONOMY. (You should know this – this man has also been responsible for teaching tens of thousands of others just like yourself to take full advantage of the SECRET iECONOMY).

There are of course others that know about the SECRET iECONOMY… That’s what I will share with you but really this lot should come with a government health warning as some of the things they reveal and talk about are absolutely mind-blowing!

This is a microscopic insight into just a few of them …
The ordinary couple that generated well over TWO MILLION POUNDS in just 36 months after discovering the SECRET iECONOMY. They left their jobs to create a better wealthier, happier, richer life for themselves and it worked
A shy almost reclusive man who now creates well over £500,000 EACH MONTH inside the SECRET iECONOMY
The carpenter and his wife that, since taking part in the SECRET iECONOMY now earn on average a huge £30,000 per month working from home
The world's worst technical person that has mastered the SECRET iECONOMY to the point that he generates upwards of £100,000 from every campaign he releases
An ex-hairdresser who had no formal education and could only cut hair packed in his hairdressing job to create a full-time business within the SECRET iECONOMY and now lives life on his terms whilst earning huge amounts doing so
EVERYTHING and more you need to know about what they do and how they do it will be revealed in more depth at the end of this message. One thing you should know is this SECRET iECONOMY is picking up pace … there are many working in it and making money through it and now has never been a better time to discover more about it. Why?
Proven To Be a Life-Changing
What it means for you in real terms is this.
You choose the hours you work (2-4 hours a day is more than enough but can also be done part-time)
You choose the days you work (most of those in the SECRET iECONOMY work just 1 or 2 days a week)
You choose where you work (in the SECRET iECONOMY all you need is the ability to get online – some are running their business from remote islands on their iPhones
You choose when you work - there are those in the SECRET iECONOMY that work just 3-6 months each year. The rest of the year they enjoy life on their terms.
You choose and design a business that gives you everything you need in your life
And by the way – I KNOW – Money isn’t the measure of happiness (even the very rich can be very miserable) so let's be honest here – money helps right? The SECRET iECONOMY gives you choices no ordinary job ever could.
Here’s some of The REALITIES The SECRET iECONOMY Can Reveal To You
(all true, all verifiable)…
CASH: How to wake up to cash – Literally making money while you sleep
FREED: The real possibility to achieve financial freedom in your life
The end to over-relying on a job that could vanish at anytime
Work the hours you really want to work – And get paid well doing it!
Be part of the biggest financial opportunity of any generation
The SECRET iECONOMY has been proved to work time and time again
How you can create a fast growing, new business without an actual office
Discover the SECRET iECONOMY Secrets that could change everything about your life
Incredible and easy-to-copy techniques to eliminate fear and doubt about your future
The absolute ultimate success formula – The SECRET iECONOMY!
The SECRET iECONOMY has also helped people just like you to have real possibilities too (you will see hear and listen to things about the following that will blow-your-mind!)
Buy property for cash
Pay off endless mortgages
Pay off long-standing debt
Pay off never-ending credit cards
Buy new cars for cash
Pay for holidays with cash
You don’t need any business premises or have big capital outlay (these are businesses you can create quickly with almost no outlay)
You don’t need the expense & hassle of travelling to work every day (you can do this anywhere and you DON’T need an office, just a web connection)
You can be open for business 24 hours (This is an easy autopilot opportunity)
You don’t need to buy or store any stock (hard to believe you can run a business like that but true as you will discover)
You can work whenever, wherever you want (Most iECONOMY business people run their businesses on the go)
You can sell and deliver products automatically (discover the one-time set-up systems that make your life easier)
You can do business all over the world (Country and location has no boundaries in the iECONOMY)
You don’t have to meet or speak to anyone (Email, skype, messenger … face-to-face is unheard of in the iECONOMY)
You don’t need to employ anyone (Discover free software that can do the job of hundreds of people)
You can earn as much as you want (yes, really!)
You get paid directly to your bank account 24/7… 365 days a year!
You are in complete control of your business, your finances and your life
People just like yourself have been given a new lease of life by allowing the SECRET iECONOMY to come into their life. By listening closely. By taking just small steps to start with.

NO more job worries. NO more savings worries. NO more lifestyle worries. The SECRET iECONOMY works – it’s that simple!
YOUR LIFE & YOUR FUTURE Can It Become More Secure? Can You Afford To Ignore This?
Can you imagine your life being different to how it is right now? I can’t hear your reply but I can imagine your response.  YES, YES, YES!

What do you do each day right now? Do you wake up, get ready for work, leave your house early, drive through endless traffic or sit on a tube or bus amongst hundreds of other people on their way to a job they hate going to? Then you do a full day that feels like it never ends. At the end of all of that you head for home, tired and worn out. The only thing you really want to do is get in, get showered, eat and sit on the sofa in front of your TV until you are almost so tired you can hardly move from your sofa to your bed.

Then of course … the next day is a slightly different variation of the day before (maybe a different sandwich and crisps at lunchtime). It’s an endless repeat of the same old stuff, day in, day out, month in, month out until it all comes to an end. I know that’s not what you want; it’s not what anyone really wants.

And of course the bigger problem is – you really don’t have control of what is coming next and that’s the scary part. Losing your job or even losing your life-savings – could happen and has happened, as you know.

Yet here is what’s interesting … those touched by the SECRET iECONOMY have experienced gigantic changes in their lives – their position – their finances – their lifestyles … THAT’S A FACT!
How About YOU?
Can you see yourself living a different life, having all the holidays, the toys, the cars and everything else you need to create a life that you’ll be excited to wake up for?
Imagine NO debt… completely eradicate your debts
Imagine NO empty bank account... No more palpitations at the cash machine.
Imagine owning the car of your dreams (or boat or motorbike paid in cash)
Imagine NO longer being an employee and under the rules and regulations of another person that hates their job so they make you hate your job each day!
NOTE: I am not saying instant cash and success will happen to you right now … but today you now have the real possibility if you simply copy those that have done it already … incredible right?

Think about this … a way to pay off any debts you might have – a way to create a new income that helps you and your family enjoy a fuller life! Buy your wife, your husband, your kids the things they always wanted to have without worrying about credit cards or debt!

There’s no question – you CAN have almost anything you want but the reality is it takes a new way of doing things? Are you looking for changes and willing to do something slightly different to what you usually do or are you simply going to allow your life to be part of the story that the masses are just sitting back and accepting?

That’s your choice of course but looking at the way this world is now – they don’t care for you – so it feels it’s up to yourself to make changes and take control.
What You Need To Do Right Now For Your Life Change and Grab Your Share of

First you need a new source of reliable, tested and easy-to-follow information DIRECTLY from the inside of the SECRET iECONOMISTS
Second you need to think about what you have discovered in that information
Third you simply have to take some action on what you have learnt (and if you don’t want to take action or make changes this isn’t for you – good luck with what is coming)
To really make lasting changes in your life, make more money, and create a better lifestyle and future you need to create a couple of new habits.

That’s easier than you might be thinking, for example – Here’s how you reclaim stolen time (and lots of it).

TV BRAINS ARE DEAD BRAINS: Did you know the average person watches around 33 hours of TV each WEEK! Yes I said WEEKLY. That means most people divide their lives into three parts. Did you know TV puts your brain into a sleep or hypnotized state? Not only will you claim time back but you’ll be healthier for it.
TIME: Part one is your job and work time (the place and time most people hate to spend)
TIME: Part two is TV (the place and time no one can usually even remember what they watched)
TIME: Part three is sleeping (the place where no one even remembers their dreams)
If you are not sure how you divide your time sit down and write it down – what you discover how your life is lived out might just shock you.

And what’s left for YOU? Not a lot - just enough time to fit in small bits in - between, and most of those are doing chores around the house or running the kids around, right?

The good news is it really doesn’t have to be like that – it’s a simple choice.
DO THAT: You either do what you’re told to do and carry on with no hope of change with your job, your finances, your ideas or even your life.
DO THIS: You can take the initiative and make changes for yourself through new habits by copying the success of others and making huge changes in your own life.
Please don’t say you don’t have time. Time is the same for everyone. No one gets more and no one gets less. You’ll live the average life, or longer if you're lucky, so it's how you fill the bit between birth and death that makes all the difference.
Life can change
Your life can change
Those touched by the SECRET iECONOMY have all experienced great, hard-to-believe changes in their lives – you can too!
How About I Do This For You Today
(and you do it for yourself also)
I am willing to send to you 3 Full Length DVDs featuring iECONOMISTS in action - ALL PROVEN EXPERTS - and some of those that have experienced the SECRET IECONOMY. (You will quickly see what I am talking about or simply ask for your money-back)

On this set of DVDs you can see for yourself their incredible results and you will also see some of those sharing their secrets that are deeply involved in the SECRET iECONOMY.

Of course I have sat and watched all of them not once but at least FIVE TIMES. They make compulsive viewing, they are intriguing, interesting and make for jaw-dropping viewing and for those that WANT or NEED a new way to live their life - they are a must-see program.

If you’d like to experience the SECRET iECONOMY for yourself I will send these DVDs as soon as you place your order from our state-of-the-art DVD facility.

Once you get them make some time by promising yourself you’ll watch them right away, maybe one disc per evening. Take notes and try some of the things you discover because the reality of today shows...
The world is changing - and in fact has changed
The way we work has changed beyond recognition
The way we do business has also changed
As you know, nothing is set-in-stone like it used to be
Hundreds have already been motivated into change and are now creating new lives for themselves.
How about YOU?
How about YOUR JOB?
How about the way you think and act on a daily basis?
Can You Afford To Miss Out On A Life-Changing Opportunity Like This? You Have ZERO-RISK With My 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE
And if for ANY REASON after you have watched them and tried anything you discover and feel they weren’t value for money – simply send them back and ask for a refund. It won’t be a problem, there’ll be no questions, just send them back and I will refund you 100%.

NOT about really hard work (like a job)
NOT about setting up new offices and staffing
NOT about huge investments
NOT about complicated learning or studying
The SECRET iECONOMY as you are about to discover is probably nothing like you’ve seen or heard about before. (If you work like a slave right now what you see and hear on these recordings will change the way you think about your work and your life forever!)

This is about change for you and those around you. This is about the possibility of having your mind opened to new ideas from a place where new ideas have already been tested and are working. This can also be your reality if you really need it to be. Cash, wealth, time and more … these are all the huge benefits you can experience inside the SECRET iECONOMY.
You Must Order Today To Benefit
From These Time Limited FREE Gifts
iECONOMIC GIFT 1. Free Report - How to get started in the SECRET iECONOMY
iECONOMIC GIFT 2. Proven ways of how to make a start from the top rather than struggling from the bottom
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iECONOMIC GIFT 4. DVD - A step-by-step guide on how to draw customers to you using proven systems in the iECONOMY
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iECONOMIC GIFT 8. DVD - This gift will reveal some incredible tactics for getting a website with a quarter of the world's population on there, working and helping you build a (new) profitable life in the new SECRET iECONOMY
11 Professionally Created DVDs Waiting For You To Help You Get Started On A New Life Within the Very Powerful SECRET iECONOMY.
All you have to do is grab this opportunity right now.
An Incredible Investment For A Priceless Return
Shhh It’s still a Secret
FAQ: Here are a few frequently asked questions you might be asking yourself.
Will I Make Money From This?

Here’s what I will say to you:- there's no reason why not. Hundreds have generated all-new lifestyles and been directly moved by the SECRET iECONOMY. What you’ll see in action is very real - it has worked and does work for those that do something with what they learn. If you can discover and take action there is no reason why this won’t help you make huge changes in your life.

Is There Any Risk?
NO, how can there be? If you order the DVDs and watch them and disagree with what I have said in this message simply send them back in re-sellable condition and I will refund you 100% without question. The information you see does change lives without a doubt and honestly I doubt if you’ll even think about a refund but it’s there if you need it, so the risk is NONE!

What Do I Need After I Watch The Training Videos?

Well in 2015 almost everyone has a computer and an Internet connection. If you have both of them you need nothing else. All you have to do is watch them and prepare to see ways on how you can make changes in your own personal life.

Aren’t They Expensive For DVDs?

Let me reply this way. Over 70% of the UK population now goes for a coffee on a daily basis. The average spend daily is over £6.00. That makes a cost of £180 a month in coffee shops. A great experience but hardly life-changing; yet what you will hear and see on the DVDs can change your life in HOURS;- not days, not months and not years and for how much? Just £2.30 a day over a one-month period. With my money-back-guarantee this will be the best money you could ever spend on yourself or simply ask for a refund.

How Long Is Delivery?

As soon as your order comes through our duplication guys pack and mail your order. 3-5 days is standard delivery time. We also deliver world-wide but delivery times can vary from 7- 21 days.

If I Want To Send Them Back what do I Do?

Just send them back to the mailing address supplied in perfect condition and as soon as they arrive your refund will be done right away.
It’s All Change – The
Every now and then a moment arrives or comes along that changes everything. You saw that with the Russian immigrant's son above. You saw that with the other examples of who had their moment and changed their lives for the better. The SECRET IECONOMY can change everything for YOU if that’s what you want or need in your life right now.

The SECRET iECONOMY has created huge incomes with new jobs (if you can call them jobs)
The SECRET iECONOMY has created new lives (and eradicated the old way of slaving in a job)
The SECRET iECONOMY has eradicated personal debts
The SECRET iECONOMY has paid for luxury holidays
The SECRET iECONOMY has created huge savings
The SECRET iECONOMY has given independence and so much more
Just imagine what it can do for you?

Remember when you order you have absolutely no-risk at all and are covered by my promise of a 100% refund guarantee.

You’ll see things on the SECRET iECONOMY DVDs that will amaze you. You’ll see numbers and proofs talked about that will want you asking for more. You’ll be shown a way to think, to act, and to see your world differently for the first time and that means seeing beyond losing jobs, limited incomes and any other banking scandals around these days.

Shhh It’s still a Secret
What you will see is a new possibility of you being able to create a new life while controlling your own life at the same time.

I’m excited for you; I think you’ll be feeling the same right now.
Simply click on the link above, fill out the order form and we will do the rest.
Here’s to your health, your wealth and your new found prosperity.
Yours is a new way to live and enjoy life
Peter Morton, CEO Plus Options Ltd, London.

PS Can you afford to sit and wait for others to make decisions about your future? The SECRET iECONOMY is run by you for you and is designed exactly as you want it to be designed. Grab your chance to take control and create a new life on your terms!
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